How to start waxing lyrical about e juice February 19, 2017

This short, informational article on the recently elevated phenomenon of electronic cigarette smoking could not have been penned nostalgically enough by anyone else other than a habitual tobacco cigarette smoker. If that were not the case, then this piece of good copy could just as easily have been penned by one of the world’s best creative writers. It would require an imagination equivalent to or better than those that have written the famous children’s or young adult stories that have been converted into money-spinning movies over the years.

But then again. What a daft heading for an online article that is purported to be as informational as it can be on the  joys and benefits of inhaling e juice without at least briefly explaining to readers what it all entails. If readers must know then, e juice is the latest substitute to the harmful effects of habitual and daily tobacco smoking. These habits are the entry point to some of the worst diseases known to mankind.

e juice

It is so bad that no-one needs to be a regular smoker to contract lung cancer. It is that bad that no-one needs to be in the nearby vicinity of a chain smoker of poisonous tobacco. But at least now, this is a step in the right direction, not just for long-suffering smokers, but for their loved ones as well. Health surgeons, those that act out of authority or independently, and fervent anti-smoking campaigners have yet to prove otherwise.

But for the time being what can be revealed to smokers alike is that the trendy alternative to persistent tobacco smoking in the form of using an electronic cigarette holder or pipe and filling it up with what is commonly known as e juice is at least an antidote towards reducing the harmful effects.

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